Sep 24

Forget the rack for a while, and think about all the mud, snow and salt that is about to be tracked into your home. Creating a designated area for wet shoes and boots is the best thing you can do to combat autumn or winter messes.

Boot trays are a step above the standard welcome mat. These lipped and sturdy mats are designed to contain the mess that melts or settles from shoes during the colder months. This way, the mess in contained and easy to get rid of. Floors stay clean and carpet does not get ruined.

Personally, I adore the boot trays from Bungalow Flooring. They’re super efficient, easy to clean and they come in an array of attractive patterns as well as colors. Take the Boot Tray with Squares pattern, which comes in 18 different colors, for example. This guy is perfect for your foyer, mudroom, garage or any ol’ entryway. The rubber bottom keeps it snug in place without scuffing floors and the polypropylene fabric is great at absorbing moisture. Plus, this shoe tray is resistant to mold, mildew, cracking and crushing. This large boot tray is a quality product, sure to last many winters.

This boot tray also looks great in the Diamond or Leaf patterns, both available in the same choice of colors!

Bonus: All Bungalow Flooring products are manufactured in the United States!


Sep 16

Over the door shoe organizers have their place in life. Or so we thought.
Turns out, these excellent organizers are star workers throughout the entire house. They’re great for storing your favorite footwear, of course, but have you considered using them to:

  • Sort dolls, matchbox cars and other toys
  • Create an advent calendar
  • Store bathrooms essentials and cleaning products
  • Snack storage in the pantry
  • Winter storage for gloves, scarves and hats
  • Storing spray paint in the garage
  • Creating a vertical herb garden in the kitchen
  • Storing gift wrap and other craft supplies

There are a ton of different styles, sizes, fabrics and other features that you can find these over the door organizers in. My favorite one is this 20 Pocket Shoe Hanger. I love the gray, tweed-like fabric the most. It really creates a sleek, chic look that compliments any decor — it doesn’t just look like a storage piece! I also prefer the vertical pockets because they’re easier to re-purpose. I always keep some Peds footies in a pocket or two for easy access when I grab some flats. I also keep extra laces for my Dr. Martens and Converse Chucks. In the past, I have even stored inserts and heel pads for heels in this pockets.

If you are considering using an over the door shoe organizer for other household products, the vertical pockets are the best way to go. They securely hold weight and can keep items visible so they’re easy to find when you need them.

This over the door organizer has 20 pockets that can comfortably hold up to 10 pairs of shoes. The unit hangs over any standard sized interior door thanks to three metal hooks that slid over the top of the door. No tools or hardware is required for installation — which is as easy as sliding it over the door. The hooks are even designed to prevent scratches and wear on wood doors.

Find this awesome over the door organizer and other products like it at



Aug 26

We discuss shoe storage a lot, but I want to take a moment express how important it is to properly care for you footwear as well. Consider these helpful shoe care products when caring for your favorite kicks:

  • Protective bags are a must for those who do a lot of traveling. These Travel Shoe Bags come in a set of three, ideal for long trips. These bags not only protect your shoes from dirt, dust and other wear – but they protect clothing and other items in your suitcase from the bottoms of your shoes. It’s a win-win!
  • For the boots in your closet, make sure you’re using shapers. These White Boot Shapers hold your booties upright to eliminate the worry of wearing, bending and creasing. They come in a set of two and are super easy to use.
  • The Cedar Shoemate is also a great shoe care option. These inserts help remove moisture, killing odors and germs. They retain the shape of your shoes and they add the pleasant scent of cedar wood to your footwear.

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Feb 28

It has finally started to rain down here in sunny Southern California, and it is a welcome break for the seemingly nonstop sunshine we have been getting for the last few months. Hopefully this rainstorm can replenish our snow pack, fill reservoirs and prevent some forest fires this summer. At the same time we better hope that this sudden downpour does not cause our very fragile hillsides to collapse and turn into a muddy tidal wave, crushing everything in its path. Speaking of mud, even if a natural disaster does not occur, you should prevent a dirty disaster from occurring in your home. Using a shoe tray in your mudroom is a great way to keep that grossness from entering the rest of your home.

The idea behind a shoe tray is that when you enter your foyer with dirty, wet and muddy shoes you can just kick them off in the tray. That way the mud never comes in contact with your carpet, tile or hardwood floors and is limited to the welcome mat and this handy dandy shoe tray. It is a great way to ensure your floors look great even through the rainy season.

When you have children, it is important to stay vigilant with them and make sure they are taking their muddy shoes off in the entryway every single time. There is nothing worse than coming home from a long day at work to find Junior has made mud-tracks leading to his room on your brand new beige carpeting!

The Merrick Engineering Boot Tray is a great choice for your entryway. This metal boot tray is very discrete and simple looking, yet is perfect for capturing that mud and gunk that inevitably gets tracked indoors during inclement weather. With this tray, you can rest assured that the dirty and debris stays in your hallway and out of the rest of your home.Shoe Tray

Jan 31

My friends have had their daughter for a couple of years now, and she is entering the “Terrible Twos” phase of her life. I guess they should just count their blessings that this cliché did not actually begin until she was about three. However she sure is terrible – pulling on mommy’s earrings, eating bugs and dirty, and of course doing her best to ruin her parent’s favorite things. This includes shoes, so one suggestion I gave them was to use hanging shoe storage to keep their nice shoes out of reach and out of the toilet.

Little kids are quite industrious, so locking your shoes in the closet is not going to work. They will undoubtedly find a way into the closet, and your shoes will definitely find their way into a big hole in the backyard. Instead use hanging shoe storage like this over the door shoe rack.

Hanging Shoe Storage

Able to hold 36 pairs of shoes, you will not need to worry about your little one getting his or her hands on your fabulous pair of Jimmy Choo’s. The rack can be customized to fit your shoe collection size. I would recommend not allowing it to hang all the way down, because that puts your shoes dangerously close to the hands of a grabby toddler.

Another idea is to use shoe boxes instead of hanging shoe storage and place the boxes way at the top of your closet. Not only will this technique completely hide your shoes from the kids, but it also keeps dust and dirt out of your shoes and increases their life span. The set of 4 large Vision shoe boxes makes a great choice for this very task.

Hanging Shoe Storage

Armed with shoe boxes and hanging shoe storage, I hope my friend and her husband are able to successfully keep all of those shoes out of the hands of their little child.

Jan 21

So I just read this crazy article online about the most rat infested cities. And wouldn’t you know it but I live in one of them! Who knew my quaint little big city would be one of the rattiest places in the country! I am so skeeved out right know that I need to talk about something more comforting, such as door hanging shoe storage.

Door hanging shoe storage is an especially pertinent topic for us to be delving into because it prevents the unthinkable from occurring. A rat getting into your shoes or your clothing! That is probably one of the most disgusting things I can think about, and the mere idea of a hairy, germ-infested creature jumping all over my stuff makes me want to dry heave.

So in that case, take a look at this great door hanging shoe storage option. The Natural Canvas Cotton 20 Pocket Over the Door Shoe Organizer offers transitional style and easy organizing for your bedroom. The bamboo inserts within this door hanging shoe storage ensures that it is rigid enough to stay in place when you open and shut the door.

Door Hanging Shoe Storage

This organizer is perfect because rats will definitely have a hard time climbing up the door, onto the organizer and then into the shoes. And really, unless you are storing your bedtime snacks inside of your slippers, those vermin really have no good reason to be climbing all over your shoes.

In fact, I am starting to think I am over-reacting with the need for door hanging shoe storage. But then again, I take one glance at that web page, with those whiskered weirdos climbing all over stuff, and I am frightened back into hanging storage submission. There is no way I am risking finding a stinky rat buried headfirst into my penny loafers!

Jan 13

As my wife and I expect our first child later in this month, we have started to pay attention to how quickly our storage space has dwindled. Our small apartment is growing from two residents to three, and even a tiny baby can take up a ton of space. It makes me wonder how much larger families are able to do it, especially when it comes to storing all of those shoes. Here are some great family shoe storage options that you can use throughout the house.

For those that have a larger home and a spacious entryway, I would suggest using a shoe bench for your family shoe storage. Something such as the Keystone Shoe Bench makes the perfect storage choice in your home. This bench is made from solid wood, meaning it will not sag and bend under the weight of your family’s shoes. The bench is very stylish and looks great in a wide variety of settings, perfect for anyone’s family shoe storage.

Family Shoe Storage

For those that may not have a large open space in the entryway but have spacious closets, perhaps some modular family shoe storage can get the job done. The two tier stackable shoe rack is a great choice for this task. This shoe rack is also made from sturdy wood, ensuring a long-lasting quality. It has a simple design though that really does not matter because it is stored inside the closet where nobody will see it.

Family Shoe Storage

Lastly, there are those readers in a situation like myself and have neither a spacious entryway nor a large amount of closet space. Those folks are going to have to get inventive and use something like over the door shoe storage for their family shoe storage needs. The 30 pair over the door shoe rack is a must-have for any family that is tight on space and has an abundance of shoes.

Family Shoe Storage

There have it, three family shoe storage options for three different housing situations. Hopefully you and your family can use one of these suggestions to clear up the clutter in your closet or entryway!

Jan 03

It seems like this year my wife got a ton of new shoes for Christmas. This is great because she is a working professional and always needs to have a lot of formal and casual shoes to wear to her various events. Unfortunately there is not a ton of room in our home to store those new shoes this year. In order to keep the shoes organized and efficiently stored, we needed to get a hanging shoe storage rack to keep them off the floor.

Keeping your shoes organized and off of the floor is very important. Shoes that sit on the floor can rub and bump into each other, causing them to scuff and lose their new appearance. It is much more sensible to invest in a hanging shoe storage rack then to constantly be replacing messed up shoes. Shoes can be very expensive so it is important to make sure they last as long as possible.

A great hanging shoe storage rack is the Cedarstow Hanging Shoe Bag. This is a great choice for your closet or bedroom because it is extremely durable. This is important because often a hanging shoe storage rack is only a temporary storage solution, falling apart after a few months or maybe a year of use.

Hanging Shoe Storage rackThe bag is made from cotton material, giving it a soft quality that is perfect for shoe storage. Rougher materials tend to leave scratches on leather or scuff up suede. But cotton is perfect because it allows you to slide your shoes right into each cubby for easy and safe storage.

The planks in between in each cubby are made from red cedar wood. This durable wood construction allows the hanging shoe storage rack to hold heavier shoes that would tear lesser racks to pieces. Another benefit of the cedar wood is the fresh scent it gives your closet or bedroom.

When you are looking to store a whole bunch of shoes in an efficient and safe manner, look no further than this excellent example of a hanging shoe storage rack.

Dec 13

As an apartment dweller, I am always looking for an easy way to expand my storage options. And of course, as a rent I do not have a ton of extra cash I can spend all willy-nilly. So when I am looking for new storage options for my apartment, I am looking not only for quality, but also thriftiness. One great way to save space and a few dollars is to use stacking shoe storage to keep things organized. Stacking shoe storage is a great choice whether you are looking to improve the storage capacity of an entryway, bedroom or closet!

What is great about stacking shoe storage is that it takes up very little space in the home. This is totally necessary when you are like me and constantly fighting for additional storage space anywhere I can get it. The shoe storage rack that really caught my eye when I was looking around online is the Two Tier Stackable Shoe Rack. What initially set this rack apart from the others is the rich antique walnut finish, which fits in perfectly with my existing décor.

Stacking Shoe Storage

But this stackable shoe storage rack is not just a pretty face – it also has excellent storage capabilities. The rack is made from solid wood, giving it a sturdy construction that will not sag under the weight of a bunch of shoes. The shoe rack is designed to be stacked up, which is great when you are like me and have a ton of shoes.

However, if you do not want to stack up these shoe storage racks you can simply use them alone. The rack has two tiers with slatted bottoms. This provides excellent air flow to your shoes, which is totally necessary in my house of the stinky feet.

So there you have it, some really easy stacking shoe storage for any room of the home, all for under 50 bucks!

Dec 05

When it comes to storing shoes that you wear in the summer, it is not too difficult of a task. Summer shoes are light and breezy, and do not require a lot of storage space. That makes it incredibly efficient to keep your shoes organized between May and September. However, as the weather starts getting colder and your shoes larger and heavier, something more heavy-duty needs to step up to the shoe storage plate. Winter shoe storage can be solved very simply with just a shoe rack or two in your closet or entryway.

Winter shoes need to protect you from the frigid elements that present themselves between November and March. Therefore, they are quite a bit larger, clunkier and heavier. This can cause some problems if you are not prepared for winter shoe storage. As I mentioned before, it only takes a few steps to ensure your home is totally ready to store all of those boots!

Winter Shoe Storage Solutions

First of all, I would recommend a boot tray for your entryway. When the winter comes around, that usually means a lot of snow or rain. Sometimes you get both. Sometimes you get both at the same time. A boot tray is great for winter shoe storage because it keeps that mud and sludge off of your floors. The Merrick Engineering Boot Tray is a perfect example, as it provides a 28” by 14” surface for your boots, and comes in a set of two.

Winter Shoe Storage

Now, when it comes to storing your shoes once they are all dried off and cleaned up, you need a shoe rack that can handle a bit of weight. That means skip on the flimsy plastic-framed shoe racks, or the space-saving over the door shoe rack. Storing these substantial winter shoes is going to take a little heft, a bit of floor space.

The Three Tier Mudroom Shoe Rack is the perfect choice when it comes to winter shoe storage. What is great about this shoe rack is that it is made from durable solid wood, and provides three levels of shoe storage. Not only that, but it also includes its own boot tray so you have a place to store additional wet or muddy shoes.

Winter Shoe Storage

With these two simple solutions, you can revolutionize the way you go about winter shoe storage. Neither of these items is hard to find, and neither is very expensive. So now there is no more excuses for a muddy and disorganized entryway in the winter!