Feb 24

Why mess with the classics? If you’re looking to amp up your shoe storage, a basic shoe cubby is the way to go. You have choices, too. You can either utilize the classic storage piece, an update shelf organizer or a sleek free-standing piece that is disguised as wood furniture.

Cubbies are the route to go if you need quality and QUANTITY shoe storage. The separate compartments keep pairs together, protected and accessible. What I bet you didn’t know, is that there is a wide selection of different types of cubbies available to you. Here is a closer look at your options:

 Classic Shoe Cubby

A regular ‘ol shoe cubby is the perfect addition to any closet, walk-in or not. The modular storage piece comes in all shapes, sizes and materials. My go-to is the 30 Pair Medium Shoe Cubby from Organize-It.  This moderately sized piece features 30 4 by 6 inch cubbies, perfect for all your favorite shoes or even handbags. The strong wood laminate build is available with or without front doors, too. A neutral white color blends in beautifully with any decor.

This classic cubby is great addition to closets; just slid in under your hanging clothes and use up dead space.

 Shoe Cubby Organizer

If you don’t have the floor room in your closet, think up. Adding cubbies to the top shelf of your closet can use up space that usually goes ignored. The Shoe Cubby Organizer from Organization-Store is a great solution. This piece is designed to give you a simple way to store multiple pairs of shoes in the top of your closet.

This organizers is crafted from durable canvas. Adjustable panels allow you to create storage that accommodates your specific needs, and the modular design can be used in multiples to create a larger system. This piece holds up to 22 pairs of shoes and works with all wire closet systems.

 Shoe Cabinet

The Deluxe Triple Shoe Cabinet really stands out from the other options. This free-standing piece is great if you don’t have the closet space or are simply searching for something with more style. Store up to 36 pairs of shoes behind the three tier shelves. PVC wood with pewter handles creates  a beautiful accent piece in either oak or white finish.

This cabinet is an excellent addition to walk-in closets as well as foyers or back mud rooms.

Use one or all three of these options and create manageable shoe storage.



Feb 04

So your shoe collection has gotten a little out of control again, huh? No worries, there are many tips and tricks we keep tucked under our sleeve here at Shoe Racks Blog that we’re just dying to share with you. First on the list: under bed shoe storage.

“But that’s so obvious,” you say? Yes, under the bed organizers are a go-to for many reasons, but do you know what to look for? There are hundreds of under the bed shoe storage pieces to choose from out there on the world wide web and no two are created the same. We’ve tested many of them and figured out the musts any good under bed shoe organizer needs. Here they are:


Just because you’re taking to storing footwear under the bed doesn’t mean you’re not still planning to show off those kicks. Under the bed shoe organizers that have side handles make it easy to regularly access the pairs you tuck away. Big, bulky plastic organizers with lids lack this detail every time.

Zippered Closures

Access is a big part of any storage piece. Once you’ve pulled out your shoe storage, you want to be able to quickly get inside. We found that organizers with zipper closures rather than lids we’re easier to get into. With the zipper, you don’t have to pull out the entire organizer if you’re just reaching for a pair in front. Plus, you don’t have to take the top completely off and move it to the side. This little detail really added to convenience and cutting down time on your morning routine.

Obviously, we recommend an organizer with any kind of closing top. Lids and zippered covers alike both keep your shoes nice and clean, safe from dust, bugs and pets who like to chew.

Clear Vinyl Top

Never underestimate the power of see-through vinyl. There’s just something satisfying about being able to find that perfect pair of pumps without even opening the lid on your organizer. Trust us, the viability will help you every time.


Vinyl, hard plastic, canvas — there are so many different makes and models of shoe organizers. While they’re all a great way to protect your favorites, we at Shoe Racks Blog unanimously decided that fabric or canvas is the best choice — and for one simple reasons: cleaning. Anything that can be thrown in the washing machine for a quick clean is a winner in our book.

What We Recommend

With all of that in mind, we recommend the Cedar Underbed Shoe Storage Organizer from Organize-It. This storage piece has all of our must-haves plus some great other features. You’ll find the handles, zippered closure, clear vinyl top and fabric body — but you’ll all see it has side pockets for extra storage like laces or inserts, plus cedar wood inserts that add a lovely fresh scent to your shoes. It’s like a perfect little bed to tuck-in your shoes.

Find more tips and tricks like this at OrganizeIt.com, StacksandStacks.com and Organization-Store.com.

Jan 07

There are some shoes that just require the Cadillac of storage. For those perfect pumps or flashy sneakers, it is important to keep them looking as new as possible and the only way to do that is to completely protect them from the busy environment of your home.


During a recent move I thinned out my shoe collection and decided only to keep my very favorites; but these survivors needed the best of the best storage — they weren’t just going to sit on a rack in the front closet.

For my treasured kicks, I discovered the drop front shoe box. For those not familiar, a drop front shoe box is a standard plastic tote with a top lid — only it features a unique opening front piece that allows you to access shoes when these boxes are stacked on top of each other.

The style that I found comes in two different sizes. The large is perfect for a pair on men’s dress shoes, while the small is great for ballet flats or sandals. I decided to purchase five of each and stack them across the top shelf of my closet. I am so happy with theses  sturdy boxes! They’re made from crystal clear high-impact plastic so I can easily tell which pair is where  — something that makes my morning routine all the much easier. The strong build is very reliable and long-listing, plus the complete design protects my expensive habit from dirt, dust and even pets! They stack so nicely; straight, even and they do not move or teeter when I open a box and pull out a pair of shoes.

These convenient boxes have multiple uses, too. You can get matching dividers so you can use them to sort things like socks or tights.

I highly recommend these storage boxes, even if you’re just looking to store a choice few of your collection.

Dec 15

Shoe storage is a never ending issue in my home as my shoe collection continues to grow to unnecessary numbers. I have an over the door rack in the spare bedroom, shelves in the top of my closet, a rack in the bottom of the front closet… but I need MORE! In my effort to try and squeeze more shoe storage into my tiny home, I accidentally knocked out two birds with one stone. 

Shoe storage benches are nothing new. My grandmother used to have the cutest little wooden one in her laundry room by the back door. The seat flipped up and there was a ton of storage inside. Flip flops, gloves and non-matching sneakers lived in there for my entire childhood.

So I was very reminiscent shopping around for a nice shoe storage bench to add my to my front room. In my hunt, I came across three contenders.

The first might be my favorite. This bench with a flip-up seat also features six cubbies in the front. I love the multitude of storage in this piece because I could easily tuck away winter accessories that I don’t always need, while still having space to store and access the shoes I do always wear. The rich wood grain would be an excellent accent in my home, plus the cushioned seat is a great place to tug off wet winter boots.

The next one I like is very similar to the first, just a little more streamlined. This bench does not have the inner storage compartment, but has similar six cubbies in the front. Because there is no inside compartment, these cubbies are deeper and therefore can store more.

My final choice has more of a modern style. Available in three finishes, the storage bench features one large cubby that is perfect for a small tote, two shelves and a covered storage area. I like this piece because of it’s versatility and it’s sleek design. The clean lines would look great in any contemporary home.

All of these pieces are an easy way to add storage and seating to your mudroom, front entrance or foyer.

Nov 25

The search for the perfect shoe rack can be a fruitless, hopeless mess. But do not get defeated — get creative! There are a ton of ways to create your own custom shoe storage. I recently came across this awesome idea on Pinterest and I could not resist sharing. The secret? Just a plain ol’ bookcase. 

Bookshelves are a great way to customize DIY storage throughout the entire house, but they really make great shoe racks. If you have a lot of shoes (ladies?) finding storage large enough for your collection can be a problem. Or maybe you have some real stylin’ kicks that you want to show off. Either way, customizing a bookshelf is an easy way to solve your problem.

First, find your shelf. I recommend something with at least five shelves and that has solid wood sides so you can easily customize spacing. First, assemble the outer shell of the shelf — top, bottom and sides. Next, customize your shelves. You can adjust the height and spacing by creating your own screw holes and adjusting shelves to slant forward.

Then find a railing to hold your shoes in place. You can use a large cabinet hardware (drawer pulls or cabinet handles), towel bars and more — get creative.

A bookshelf shoe rack is a great addition to walk-in closets, dressing rooms and more!


Photo courtesy howtodiyright.com.





Oct 28

This shoe rack  with umbrella stand works double duty. 

The rain keeps coming here in Michigan, and soon enough it will be snow. Now is the best time to prepare for muddy shoes and wet umbrellas in your home. Shoe racks are always a great way to protect your floors from the mud, salt, water and miscellaneous mess that gets tracked in every day.

Tidy up your foyer, mudroom or entryway with this two-in-one shoe rack and umbrella stand. Crafted from solid wood, this rack best stores between 8 – 12 pairs of shoes. Four slatted shelves are perfect for sneakers, heels, boots and more. Each shelf measures 18 inches wide and 11.5 inches deep.

The side bin features a bottom metal tray to collect water and other debris. Easily tuck away umbrellas, canes and more. This rack is perfect in front rooms or even tucked in closets underneath hanging coats.

Sep 24

Forget the rack for a while, and think about all the mud, snow and salt that is about to be tracked into your home. Creating a designated area for wet shoes and boots is the best thing you can do to combat autumn or winter messes.

Boot trays are a step above the standard welcome mat. These lipped and sturdy mats are designed to contain the mess that melts or settles from shoes during the colder months. This way, the mess in contained and easy to get rid of. Floors stay clean and carpet does not get ruined.

Personally, I adore the boot trays from Bungalow Flooring. They’re super efficient, easy to clean and they come in an array of attractive patterns as well as colors. Take the Boot Tray with Squares pattern, which comes in 18 different colors, for example. This guy is perfect for your foyer, mudroom, garage or any ol’ entryway. The rubber bottom keeps it snug in place without scuffing floors and the polypropylene fabric is great at absorbing moisture. Plus, this shoe tray is resistant to mold, mildew, cracking and crushing. This large boot tray is a quality product, sure to last many winters.

This boot tray also looks great in the Diamond or Leaf patterns, both available in the same choice of colors!

Bonus: All Bungalow Flooring products are manufactured in the United States!


Sep 16

Over the door shoe organizers have their place in life. Or so we thought.
Turns out, these excellent organizers are star workers throughout the entire house. They’re great for storing your favorite footwear, of course, but have you considered using them to:

  • Sort dolls, matchbox cars and other toys
  • Create an advent calendar
  • Store bathrooms essentials and cleaning products
  • Snack storage in the pantry
  • Winter storage for gloves, scarves and hats
  • Storing spray paint in the garage
  • Creating a vertical herb garden in the kitchen
  • Storing gift wrap and other craft supplies

There are a ton of different styles, sizes, fabrics and other features that you can find these over the door organizers in. My favorite one is this 20 Pocket Shoe Hanger. I love the gray, tweed-like fabric the most. It really creates a sleek, chic look that compliments any decor — it doesn’t just look like a storage piece! I also prefer the vertical pockets because they’re easier to re-purpose. I always keep some Peds footies in a pocket or two for easy access when I grab some flats. I also keep extra laces for my Dr. Martens and Converse Chucks. In the past, I have even stored inserts and heel pads for heels in this pockets.

If you are considering using an over the door shoe organizer for other household products, the vertical pockets are the best way to go. They securely hold weight and can keep items visible so they’re easy to find when you need them.

This over the door organizer has 20 pockets that can comfortably hold up to 10 pairs of shoes. The unit hangs over any standard sized interior door thanks to three metal hooks that slid over the top of the door. No tools or hardware is required for installation — which is as easy as sliding it over the door. The hooks are even designed to prevent scratches and wear on wood doors.

Find this awesome over the door organizer and other products like it at StacksandStacks.com.



Aug 26

We discuss shoe storage a lot, but I want to take a moment express how important it is to properly care for you footwear as well. Consider these helpful shoe care products when caring for your favorite kicks:

  • Protective bags are a must for those who do a lot of traveling. These Travel Shoe Bags come in a set of three, ideal for long trips. These bags not only protect your shoes from dirt, dust and other wear – but they protect clothing and other items in your suitcase from the bottoms of your shoes. It’s a win-win!
  • For the boots in your closet, make sure you’re using shapers. These White Boot Shapers hold your booties upright to eliminate the worry of wearing, bending and creasing. They come in a set of two and are super easy to use.
  • The Cedar Shoemate is also a great shoe care option. These inserts help remove moisture, killing odors and germs. They retain the shape of your shoes and they add the pleasant scent of cedar wood to your footwear.

Find these products and more like them at StacksandStacks.com.

Feb 28

It has finally started to rain down here in sunny Southern California, and it is a welcome break for the seemingly nonstop sunshine we have been getting for the last few months. Hopefully this rainstorm can replenish our snow pack, fill reservoirs and prevent some forest fires this summer. At the same time we better hope that this sudden downpour does not cause our very fragile hillsides to collapse and turn into a muddy tidal wave, crushing everything in its path. Speaking of mud, even if a natural disaster does not occur, you should prevent a dirty disaster from occurring in your home. Using a shoe tray in your mudroom is a great way to keep that grossness from entering the rest of your home.

The idea behind a shoe tray is that when you enter your foyer with dirty, wet and muddy shoes you can just kick them off in the tray. That way the mud never comes in contact with your carpet, tile or hardwood floors and is limited to the welcome mat and this handy dandy shoe tray. It is a great way to ensure your floors look great even through the rainy season.

When you have children, it is important to stay vigilant with them and make sure they are taking their muddy shoes off in the entryway every single time. There is nothing worse than coming home from a long day at work to find Junior has made mud-tracks leading to his room on your brand new beige carpeting!

The Merrick Engineering Boot Tray is a great choice for your entryway. This metal boot tray is very discrete and simple looking, yet is perfect for capturing that mud and gunk that inevitably gets tracked indoors during inclement weather. With this tray, you can rest assured that the dirty and debris stays in your hallway and out of the rest of your home.Shoe Tray