Oct 18

Sometimes keeping shoes looking good and ready to wear takes an extra step or two beyond storing them on a shoe rack. From shoehorns to sandpaper there all sorts of tips, tricks and accessories that help keep that special pair of shoes looking good.

Protecting shoes from everyday wear is a great way to get the most out of them. A classic shoehorn is a must have for any closet, since it both makes putting on and removing shoes a breeze, while protecting shoes from everyday wear and tear. Keep the heel of your favorite pair of dress shoes from getting worn down by using the Linden Classic Shoehorn to help slip them on with ease. Boots are another type of shoe that can easily get bent out of shape while sitting in the closet. A Boot Shaper is a must have for helping boots maintain their shape when they’re not being worn.

It’s not just important to keep older shoes looking like new, sometimes new shoes need a little wearing in. For shoes with slick leather soles it can take time for them to not  feel like you’re walking on a banana peel. There are all sorts of ways to make leather soles less slick, from using a knife to cut a shallow crosshatch pattern along the bottom for traction to rubbing the soles with a little sandpaper. That way the wearing in process can be sped up so they’re comfortable in no time. For new leather shoes that fit just right it just takes a pair of socks, a blow dryer and a couple minutes. Just follow this tip and you can help shape shoes to fit your feet so you don’t have to endure the painful process of breaking in a new pair of leather shoes.

For new shoes or old there’s a convenient way to ensure they’re always comfortable and ready to wear!

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