Feb 11

Imagine having a million pairs of shoes, just piled up in the closet, some in the kitchen some in the living room and a few by the bed. You get the occasional “would you pick up your shoes!” and even you get a few stubbed toes from your own shoes. The truth is, you know that when you put those shoes back in the giant pile in the closet, you may never find them again.

shoe-cabinetThe answer to this problem is simple – a discrete shoe cabinet.  I love the whole idea of shoe cabinets. Not only does it keep your shoes out of the way, it keeps them organized and eliminates that scary pile in the closet.

This particular shoe cabinet holds up to 36 pairs of shoes and has three separate pull out sections. The sections open allowing you to easily see your shoe selection.   The best part about a shoe storage option such as this one is that your shoes are out of sight. There is no clutter in the closet, no expensive storage units to keep stacking – just one unit that would actually be able to go anywhere in your house.

There are other styles that are smaller in size or different styles. Not only does storing your shoes keep them off the floor but it also keeps them in good condition. By storing them in a unit such as this one, you keep the shape of the shoe, they get proper ventilation and they stay clean. When your shoes are in a giant pile in the closet they scuff each other and get in weird shapes from laying in every direction.   Shoes are not cheap, so invest in a storage system that will help you maintain and take care of your shoes.

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2 Responses to “Discrete Shoe Storage”

  1. Shelby Seashine Says:

    Definitely discreet! You can’t even see the shoes that are in there (except for the ones you can in the shelf that is open!). Would this be something that is portable? Or stackable? Please respond soon because I would like to purchase it ASAP if it is. Thanks!

  2. Michaela Says:

    Hey Shelby – Thanks for checking out my blog! I’m pretty sure this one is stackable, but unless you drive an 18 wheeler, I don’t think it’s portable. Would something like this work for portability? What are you using it for? otd shoe rack

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